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Unsure about whether you should see a Monash IVF KPJ Johor fertility specialist?

An alternative preparation step is a free nurse chat with us.

Our team is experienced and open to have a conversation with you. It’s an exclusive service with us, pre-arranged and according to your schedule, and you are under no obligation.

Booking a fertility chat offers you a preliminary step in your journey to discuss any concerns about getting pregnant, treatment and service options, and finding answers to other questions you and your partner may have.

What questions do you have?
Here are some of the Questions the Monash IVF KPJ Fertility Team Answers Every Day

  • We’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while, when should we be seeking expert advice?
  • My partner and I are a bit older, and just want to make sure everything is ok.
  • I’ve had a couple of miscarriages – when should I seek help?
  • Male fertility health screening–what should I expect and how is semen analysis done?
  • Your doctors, embryology and fertility lab–are they located in the same premise and operated by Monash IVF KPJ?
  • My periods are very irregular, how can I be sure that I’m ovulating?
  • I’ve heard about genetic pre-carrier screening. Is this something you offer?
  • I live in Singapore; can I do preparation in Singapore through my specialist and treatment at Monash IVF KPJ? What logistics are involved?
  • I’ve had a vasectomy – what are my options?
  • We would like a second opinion. How could we arrange this?
  • EPF account 2 withdrawals for fertility treatment in Malaysia–what is the process and documentation we require?
  • I would like to freeze my eggs. Is this possible for me?
  • We live overseas, can you assist us and what are our options?

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