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Dr Ahmad Lotfi Mohd Rawi graduated from Monash University, Australia in 1988 after completing his MBBS degree.  He continued his studies to pursue a specialisation in Anesthesiology at the Royal College Anaesthetists, in the United Kingdom, where he earned a Fellowship of Anaesthetists (FRCA) in 1994.

At present, he serves as Consultant Anaesthesiologist at KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital.

Dr Lotfi has leadership and management involvement in KPJ Johor’s disciplinary committees.  He serves the role as Chairman, Surgical Medical Intervention Committee and Head of the Anaesthesiology Department at KPJ Johor.  His other committee responsibilities include:

  • Chairman – Surgical Medical Intervention Committee, KPJ Johor
  • Member – Board of Management Committee, KPJ Johor
  • Member – Medical Advisory Committee, KPJ Johor
  • Member – Risk, Safety & Quality Committee, KPJ Johor
  • Member – Head of Clinical Services Committee, KPJ Johor
  • Head – Anaesthesiology Department, KPJ Johor

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    Dr Ahmad Lotfi Mohd Rawi

    Consultant Anaesthesiologist

     MBBS   FRCA

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